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Why book a consultation?

The first question you may ask is why do you need a wedding consultation?

Now ask yourself – if we were on the verge of spending a large amount of money on something, maybe a shiny new car, would we not seek expert help? If we had €20k to invest, would we not seek expert help?

Our question to you is:
Is planning your wedding any different?

A consultation helps you as individuals and as a couple to establish the exact type of wedding you both want. We ask the questions and listen to your ideas and dreams.  This in-depth initial contact is essential when it comes to creating an unforgettable wedding and everlasting memories.

When it comes to weddings, we are the A-Team and we excel at interpreting your vision and your ideas, seamlessly bringing them to life. From logistics and lighting to entertainment and hors d’oeuvres, we can advise you on every detail, large or small. We really do love helping and we thrive on making the wedding you imagined a reality. “If you can dream it, we can plan it”. We also want to ensure that you do not overspend. No matter what your budget is, a fabulously unique wedding and celebration are achievable.

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This is our time to get to know you as a couple and to establish the type of wedding you have in mind. We can establish your budget; the time you have in your busy lives to plan a wedding and uncover the areas you are finding difficult. Throughout this session, our mission is to ease your mind and advise you. We will share ideas with you and give you tips and tricks for the planning process.

We will give you as much help, advice and guidance that you need.  If you wish, we can determine the level of support we feel you may need and how we can assist you if you would like us to work with you.

After the consultation, we will follow up with a detailed email which takes the form of a recap on what we discussed, along with a budget planner and a to-do list. This service ensures that you capture all the information we shared and gives you confidence in moving forward in planning what will be an amazing wedding, with or without our help.

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wedding consultation services

Our first wedding tip to you is;

Please meet with a wedding planner, even if it is not us (we do hope it is). It is money worth spending and it begins the process of transforming your ideas and visions into a reality, regardless of your budget and circumstances.

Our second tip we give you is:

Before your initial meeting, compile a list of questions on paper asking any questions you have regarding your wedding, this will ensure you get the most out of this meeting and take advantage of our knowledge.

Whether you continue to work with us or not, we want you to know that you can contact us at any time,

& we are available to help and support you at any stage of your wedding plans.

Why couples meet with us:

The beginning

In the beginning, consult on what to do, how and when.

Wedding budget

Never start planning your wedding without a realistic budget to work from.

Change in circumstances

Nobody can control the future and sometimes things just happen. you can rely on us to get you through it and ensure your wedding celebration still goes ahead.

Reality Check

A great motivator two months before your wedding day. What is left to be done? Let’s create a plan of action that will keep you organised and stress-free. This is the time to realise this is your special day, the next few weeks should be all about you, creating memories to the lead up to your wedding day.

Time to Vent

Everyone needs an outlet and sometimes your partner, your bridesmaids, or the family are not the ones that will listen to you vent. Or perhaps they just do not realize how stressed you are. We are here for you.

One Month Before

Your wedding date, I need a plan: Time flies when you are planning a wedding and before you know it, you are weeks away for your wedding date and often panic sets in, totally natural. This is a crucial time, and it is the perfect time to arrange a meet-up, to build you a plan pulling together what still needs to be done and exactly when.

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